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How to get to the Nusa Penida island

And go Back

From Sanur

When you come to Sanur Beach, go to the harbor Optasal Boat public ferry Sanur
you shold turn on left to the Jl. Sanur Beach Street Walk Sanur
After one min walking you will find the "Mola-Mola Express" counter:

This way to reach the island is the fastest and cheapest from Sanur.
Mola-Mola Express leaves Sanur to Sampalan at 8:30 and 16:30
And going back to Sanur from Sampalan at 7:30 and 15:30.
You can always buy tickets in the counter right before departure. The price is IDR 125,00/person.
There is a big choice of speedboats of other carriers, but only Mola-Mola Express arrives in Sampalan – village.
Other carriers are:
-Caspla Bali Boat
-Semaya One
-Maruti Express
Sometimes happens that upon your arrival to the counter there are no tickets, so come to harbor before 30 min beforehand

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From Padang Bay (Attention! - Ferry is now under repair until the end of September)

If you planning to arrive with your motorcycle, you should take the Public Ferry from Padang Bay.

Padang Bay
Better arrive to Marina about 10:00AM and buy ticket for motorbike, if you planning take it to Nusa Penida.
Public Ferry now leaves from Padang at 11.00 and arrives to Nusa Penida around 12.30

To leave by ferry to Bali, you can also twice a day
The ferry departs from Nusa Penida at 8.30 and arrives in Padang Bai around 10.00

Padang Bay
Price for 1 person is Rp 31 000.
Price for 1 person & motorbike is Rp 79 000

Or you can even get to the village Kusamba which is close Padang Bay and take speedboat "Gangga Express"
For the reach port Kusamba, you should about 40 minutes from the east of Denpasar.
The boat departure from Kusamba at 7:30 and 14:30

And in 15-20 min you will arrive to Sampalan village.
Price is Rp 100 000 for person.
"Gangga Express" go back from Nusa Penida to Bali at 7.30 and 14.00

From this village (Kusamba) you can take traditionally boat too
And taking with yourself your motorbike
Departure at 13.00. You need to be there for even earlier to immerse motobike


Also you can take speedboat Caspla bali boat which is located near the temple of bats "Goa Lawah".

Caspla Bali
Boat depart from Pesinggahan village at 7:30 and 16:00.
And go back from Nusa Penida to Bali at 7:00 and 15:30
The ticket price for foreigners is now Rp 75,000 per person.
and Rp 50,000 for the local population

From Lembongan

Public boats depart daily at 06:00 close to the suspension bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Sanur
and run to Toyapakeh or Buyuk Harbour in northern Nusa Penida.
There are also services from the Jungut Batu area of Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Penida.
All of these can be a little 'worrying' at times and are often very crowded.
Price around Rp 45 000 (for Indonesian)

Charter boats are available, departing from and arriving at the same area as the public boats.
If you are staying on Nusa Lembongan, ask at your hotel.
If not, go to the shoreline close to the suspension bridge or to the beach at Jungut Batu and ask around amongst the boatmen.
Rates certainly vary but expect to pay around Rp 300 000.

And in Toyapake, have taxi motorbike which can transport you to our place in Sampalan village.
Price around Rp 50 000, just 25 min drive.
If you are a group of people and you have a lot of luggage, take a car
The price around Rp 100 000 - 150 000, It depends on the car model they offer you

From Gili island


From Gili islands you can take a speedboat or Ferry which go to Bali
And in harbor Padang Bay on the Bali take another Ferry to Nusa Penida
Speed boat from Gili to Bali run every hour
And how to get to Padang Bay - you can see above.

Some info where can you go from the Nusa Penida island?

Nusa Lembongan
Have a lot ofboats from vilage Toyapakeh
At 7:00 Have Publik boat, price Rp 50 000 per person.
Another time taxi boat, price from 200 000 IDR by boat.
it is possible transportation your motorbike too
Nusa Lembongan

Lombok (Lembar)
At 7:00 price Rp 250 000

Gili Trawangan with transfer
Boat leave at 6:30 price from the island,price is Rp 450 000 IDR per person

Fast Boat to the Gili Trawangan

Fast Boat 1 way (with transfer)

How can you pay by your bank card? - You can see here

After booking, please contact us and tell us about:
- date, when are you planning to go
- your hotel
- your name

Have fun with travelling and keep in touch if you need some more information!