Who am I - and what am I do here?

I have been living on the island for more than 3 years, and I like it here - I love this island, and I will gladly share with you the information I have accumulated over the years, being here.

I'm not a tour operator and do not work for a travel company - I just live here and if possible I can help organize a holiday for you on this island. And sometimes I can not - because I'm a person, not a robot, and I can not always respond quickly to your constant requests within 24 hours.

I also have my own private life, my interests and hobbies, and also household issues. Excuse me if I do not promptly answer your questions.

And one more important point. When large prayer ceremonies are held on the island (there are about 285 of them per year), it is almost impossible to find a free car or motobike for rent these days, as local people all go to churches to pray.

Therefore, transportation must be booked in advance, so that your trip was held for sure.

Here I described in detail for you how to get to us on the island of Nusa Penida

What can I offer you today?

These are several options for accommodation on the island, excursions around the island.

I can offer for rent motobikes and car with a driver as well as famous snorkeling.