Accura 39
Accura 39
Accura 39
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Accura 39 is a small vessel for 8 people, which is perfect for a boat tour with a small group. Due to its small size, the boat is able to get very close to the shallow shores.
The boat is complete with modern equipment, fuel and water. The cost of renting the yacht already includes all equipment for snorkeling and fishing, as well as an instructor who will teach you to dive with a mask or to fish if necessary. In addition, the yacht has a comfortable cabin for the rest during the trip.
The boat has also a toilet and shower, a small kitchen and free WI – FI.
What must be brought :
- Sunscreen cream.
- Change clothes, hats,
- Some of your favorite swimsuits
- Dress, dress, one more and another dress
- Sunglasses, etc.
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