Good afternoon

The «Nusa Penida info» company invites major travel bloggers to collaborate in a partnership program for organizing tours on the island of Nusa Penida - Bali.

We will consider your application if:
· On your account more than 50 thousand live subscribers (we carefully review each account and analyze it)
· You have interesting and colorful content (at the output we want to get beautiful photos and videos)
· Your blog should contain not only photo posts on tourism topics, but also links and recommendations from places that have already provided similar cooperation services to you.

If your account interests us, we are ready to offer you a discount on travel in return for your content and advertising.
We are not charity - we don’t do tours for anyone for free - especially for those who are not useful to us.

Send a request by e-mail:
Indicate in the application: a link to your Instagram page, YouTube, interest (if any), and write us a little about yourself.
Letter with a note: Collaboration