Elephant Park

Initiated in 1997 and set within the misty hinterlands of Ubud, the Elephant Park was created in response to the devastating situation in Sumatra where rampant deforestation and poaching has dwindled the native elephant population.
The park is Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue facility, and is home to 31 elephants. These elephants were saved from captivity, horrific and ill fitting conditions. The park provides guests with the rare opportunity to interact and learn about these gentle giants while giving a comfortable and safe environment home.
This is a non profit organization and because the government of Bali do not fund this sanctuary they use tourist to help fund the facility so they can continue to keep these elephants in great living conditions. Since opening couple years ago they were able to produce 3 baby elephants
Fun Facts: 🐘 Elephants are one of the largest mammal species that walk the earth. They come into the world weighing up to 260 lbs at birth. Unlike other animals, their herds are always lead by a matriarch (female). Even more interesting; just like humans, elephants are self aware and can even recognize themselves in the mirror. This makes them a part of a rare club of animals who have that capacity including: dolphins 🐬 and apes 🦍 What is your favorite animal?

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