Nusa Penida VS Komodo

Which one is better?

Nusa Penida and Komodo national park are both world known and world-class destinations in Indonesia.
Let's get into more detailed information to choose the best destination for your holiday.

Ease of accessibility

With Bali being the main destination for international tourists you can say it's considerably easier and viable to visit Nusa Penida rather than Komodo.
Penida lies only 40 minutes away by boat from Sanur Beach harbour, and only 20 from Kusamba. Boat tickets can be purchased online on our webpage and are considerably cheap.
Getting to Komodo National Park from Bali it's more complicated. It will involve taking a plane to Labuan Bajo and then a ferry to Komodo, making it more expensive and demanding a couple of days.

Natural beauty

You will find in Nusa Penida and Komodo majestic and magnificent hills, pristine beaches and amazing wildlife.
The first one houses some of Bali’s and Indonesia’s most iconic beach views such as Kelingking, Diamond & Atuh beach.
The second has the advantage of the Komodo Dragons, one of the main reasons why people visit this place.
You must know it's not allowed for women on their period to go see the dragons because they will be attracted and see them as prey.
Speaking about watersports, snorkeling or diving, we can say there's not much difference between these two places.
Both have Mantas and Turtles all year round, world-class reefs and excellent conditions to practice these sports. A plus in favor of Nusa Penida are the Mola-Molas!

Tourism infrastructure

Both destinations share the fact of being less developed than Bali.
Some people say going to Nusa Penida is like travelling with a time machine 20 years in Bali's past. Well, Komodo is far behind that time.
While you can easily find a place to stay and a restaurant in Penida, doing the same in Komodo will be impossible.
On Penida you can choose between different hotels and recreational places depending on your preferences, while in Komodo you must stay in a boat.


As we listed, there's many good points in both places.
But, nowadays Nusa Penida has more to offer and it's easier to access than Komodo.
When choosing a place to spend your holiday we know your time is the most valuable thing, That’s why Nusa Penida is the final choice.