Rent on Nusa Penida

Standard price a rental motorbike is from Rp 70 000 for day
There are days when the big ceremony on the island, and the price may go up for rental What should pay attention when you take the motorbike It should look at the scratches and point them to the owner. Better even take a picture just in case
It is advisable to do a test drive to see how to start, sounds like the engine, check the brakes.
Do not press them strongly and individually. It is best to slow down slightly, the front and rear.
The security deposit, we take your passport or a photocopy of your passport and a deposit of Rp 500 000.
Refueling of Gasoline Check always in advance, without waiting for the complete devastation.
There is such a thing - as the local sales of gasoline in transparent bottles.
He's a little more expensive, but sometimes it is convenient when there is no next refueling.
Do not drive more than 40 - 50 km / h
No have the insurance on the motorbike No hire firm do not offer it is you If the motorbike is broken.
If the failure has occurred is clearly your fault, for example, you stopped at the pit and made "eight" on the wheel, or broke something hardly Distributors not repair it at its own expense.