One Day One Night

Explore as many as possible places in Nusa Penida.🌴
Feel the sensation and amazing Experience blended in "One Day Maximum Tour"
We provide a One Day Tour to visit magnificent destinations in Nusa Penida.
That's why our tour feels different than Others !!
We are Exclusive !! ☀️

Places of visit:

💎 Atuh Beach
💎 Diamond Beach
💎 Thousand island viewpoint
💎 Bukit Teletubies Hills
💎 Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)
💎 Angels' Billabong
💎 Kelingking Cliff
💎 Paluang Cliff
💎 Crystal Bay

Price includes:

Speed Boat (Round Trip)
Avanza / APV (private) car in Nusa Penida
Driver / guide 🚘
Lunch 🍗
Entrance tickets 👣
You can choose a solo trip on a motorbike with a driver

Travel itinerary

🕗 07:00 - 07:30 | Gather at Sanur port Trip participants are expected to have gathered at the ticket booth no later than 07:30 in the morning. After saying your name (registering) , you are welcome to wait until the speed boat departure time at 7:30.
Note: Don't forget to have breakfast first!
🕗 07:30 | Depart for Nusa Penida You will be invited to board the speed boat that has been prepared. The trip to Nusa Penida takes approximately 30-40 minutes. When the weather is not good, the speed boat will probably sway a little. It is recommended for those who are prone to seasickness, to bring anti-hangover drugs like Antimo.
🕗 08:00 - 08:15 | After arriving at the Nusa Penida Speed ​​Boat Harbor, our driver will pick you up with a sign.

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach this is the most amazing beach as untouched paradise, it has only just recently been made accessible for people and it becomes another Nusa Penida ''Hot Spot''. The Beach has glistening white sand, coconut palm trees, small caves and a more suitable spot for swimming.
Diamond Beach - Is the next beach over from another known as Atuh Beach.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach will be the next spot on your map. Calm bay and inviolable cliff walls guard this wild white-sanded beach against unwelcome guests. Only special people can enjoy breathtaking views of this place.

Thousand island viewpoint

Thousand island viewpoint, Molenteng Hill, Tree House - all in one location. Viewpoint is located on the east patr of Nusa Penida Island. This is viewpoint have panoramic views of the ocean and the various islands.

Bukit Teletubbies

Not only famous for its exotic beaches, Nusa Penida, Bali, also has beautiful and photogenic natural scenery.
One of them is Teletubbies Hill in the eastern region of Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay got its name because of pure crystal water. That’s why divers and snorkelers from the whole world are so in love with this place. 
 You will walk along the beach with white sand, your feet will touch the oceans waters and all the problems will just go away allowing you to enjoy the moment.

Broken Bay "Pasih Uug"

The next spot of our adventure will be Broken Bay or in Pasih Uug Balinese language. The bay looks like a huge pool, the sea is surrounded by tall inaccessible rocks and hidden from curious glances. 
 The unusual look of this bay is the result of volcanic activity, the beach seems to be “caught in an invisible trap”. That allowed to nature to create an enormous swimming pool which is truly unmatched. 
 To plunge into the water you need to go along the bridge made from rocks. Are you ready?

Angel’s Billabong

The steep and silent cliffs and emerald waters allow you to see beautiful coral reefs. You will not be able to hide your excitement when you see this water when you visit Angel's Billabong.

Karang Dawa View​ Point and Kelingking Beach

Visiting Karang Dawa View​ Point, you will discover a scenic view to stately ocean and the time will slow down to make you enjoy this moment when silence, beauty and greatness keep together. 
Down below concealed under tall cliffs and hills of the island Kelingking Beach is hiding. It’s the true Paradise which make you fall in love with Nusa Penida forever.

Paluang cliff

Paluang Cliff with stunning cliff views is located near Kelingking beach, only two minutes by car.
You will definitely be amazed to see it.there is even a small boat-shaped decoration for you to take pictures on.
🕗 16:00 Relaxed and happy you will go back to your hotel to enjoy photos you’ve taken.
Next morning you will go back to your hotel in Bali. But you can always come back to Nusa Penida!

We organise tours every day

What must be brought :

🌿 Sunscreen cream,
🌿 Sunglasses,
🌿 Some of your favorite swimsuits,
🌿 Change clothes, hats,
🌿 Dress, dress, one more and another dress, etc...