Private Car with Driver

💫 Price include:

✨ Private Car with local Driver
The duration of the tour around 7-8 hours.
You can choose the start time of the tour by agreement with us and for pick up and drop off at your location.

Not include:

✨ Entrance tickets fee.
Like in the Bali, there are fees to pay for entry at the spots, all the guests pays for this separately - we do not include this in the price

📌 Chose Sightseeing:

You can Head West or East part

Adventure on the Western Part

🔅1) Crystal Bay
🔅2) Broken Bay
🔅3) Angel Billabong
🔅4) Karang Dawa viewpoint and Kelingking Beach

Adventure on the Eastern Part

🔅1) Diamond Beach
🔅2) Tree house - Thousand Island view point
🔅3) Atuh view point & beach
🔅4) Teletubies Hills