Who We Are - Our Story

We are Legal Travel Company.
Based in Nusa Penida with clients & team members all over the island.
We’re a small, tight-knit team - Sales Managers, Marketing Department, Drivers, Coordinator, Destination Manager, Supervisor, Leader, Content Designers, Founder and Director.
We have over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, producing exciting experiences for travelers.
We’ve worked hard to build a company where we do big things. We believe that travel is for everyone. Our goal is to help more people from more backgrounds experience the joy of exploration. We empower of traveler around the world to start their holyday with our support.
We strive to keep our servic unique and nice experiences during your trip. We're thinking deeply how to best serve travelers on their journey and we believe travel opens the door to the greatest, most unforgettable experiences life can offer.

We help our team members and support them - people we know and trust.
As you defenitely know nowadays people trust on other people’s experiences & opinions more than anything else in the world. Decisions these days are made on Social Media, and especially on Facebook , Instagram and TikTok
And we have more reviews on Google and Tripadvisor
So if the trip is the right fit, we’d love to looking forward to service you.