Western Nusa Penida

This trip is ideal for those eager to explore a variety of incredible places, but only have a day to spare! Experience numerous sights of breathtaking beauty within just one day, all from the comfort of your privately driven car. 
From your hotel in Bali, we’ll pick you up and bring you to our beautiful island. All stress and hassle free, we organise everything for you. What do you need to do? Relax, enjoy and bask in the charm of Penida! 

💫 Let's Build your own Tour Package:

Pickup from the lobby of your hotel in Bali 🚖
✨ Speed Boat (round trip). Bali - Nusa Penida ⛵️
✨ Private Car with Driver/guide 🚘
Lunch 🍗
✨ Entrance tickets and fee

💫 Itinerary can be like this:

06:30am - Pickup from the lobby of your hotel in Bali
07:45am - Arrive at Sanur harbor
08:00am - Fast boat departs for Nusa Penida
08:45am - Arrive at Nusa Penida harbor. Get picked up by our driver who will be holding a sign showing your name.
16:45pm - 🚖  Return to Nusa Penida harbor 
16:30pm - ⛵  Speed boat departs from Nusa Penida to Sanur 
17:15pm - ⚓️ Arrive in Sanur harbor
18:00pm - 🚖 Drop to your hotel in Bali

📌 Sightseeing:

Broken Beach
✨ Angels Billabong
✨ Kelingking Beach
✨ Crystal bay

Tips - What you need to bring:

🌿 You should wear comfortable clothes, Hiking shoes, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, hat, etc. You can carry fancy clothes for photos.

More info on the sightseeing points

Broken Bay

The next spot on our adventure will be Broken Bay or‘Pasih Uug,’ in Balinese language. The bay looks like a huge pool, surrounded by tall, craggy, unique looking rocks that provide an intriguing, lunar-like landscape.
The unusual look of this bay is the result of volcanic activity that caused nature to construct what looks like a swimming pool on the moon! Walk along the bridge made from rocks to leap into the refreshing, turquoise waters.
Are you ready to take the plunge?

Angel’s Billabong

A picturesque seascape that will be embedded in your memory for life. The steep and majestic cliffs plunge vertically into emerald waters. From where we stand on the clifftops, a panoramic bird’s eye view of beautiful coral reefs create the most incredible panorama. The vibrancy of the water is undeniably striking here at Angel's Billabong. This is a photo opportunity not to be missed…you won’t even need to use a filter!
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong

Karang Dawa View​ Point and Kelingking Beach

Karang Dawa View​ Point provides a moment to stop and absorb the beauty and serenity of Penida’s south coast. Here it feels as though time comes to a stand still, providing a moment of silence, beauty and calm. Down below, concealed beneath the tall cliffs upon which we stand, Kelingking Beach is nestled in all its glory. Probably the most iconic of all Nusa Penida’s sights; it’s easy to see how people continue to fall in love and be drawn to this one-of-a-kind island.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay earned its name because of its pure, crystal clear water. That’s why this location is notorious with divers and snorkelers from around the world. Walk along the beach with white sand between your toes, the ocean lapping up your footprints as you meander along the palm tree lined shore. Your tension and stress melts away, leaving you present, simply enjoying this very moment.
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

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