Private Boat Trip

Your Small Private Cruise

Let us take you on a wondrous adventure into this watery world; coral reefs as far as the eye can see, teeming with life of unimaginable forms!
An indescribable abundance of neon tropical reef fish, as well as the biggest ray of all, the magnificent, intelligent and curious gentle giant, the Manta Ray.

Price from 2 700 000 IDR / per Boat

Price does not include transfer to/from Hotel.

💫 Itinerary:

07:00 & 11.30 - Boat depart from Nusa Penida
Duration: 3 hours

📌 Sightseeing:

Places to visit 4 spots:
✨ Manta Point
✨ Manta Bay
✨ Gamat Bay
✨ Crystal Bay
Did you know?... Mantas are some of the largest animals in the ocean! They belong to the shark family, but do not fear! These are the most gentle creatures who wouldn’t hurt a fly, since they only eat plankton!

Tips - What you need to bring:

🌿 We recommend you bring some sort of closed bathing suit such as a rash guard. This is because a couple of times a year there can be little pink jellyfish that can cause a bit of an itchy sting.
So if you do see the jellyfish, you can put it on and of course it’s also great sun protection!

Will be Manta Rays today or not? No one knows. It is wildlife.
Please don't blame us if you don't see them.