Snorkeling in Nusa Penida island

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Would you like to explore the underwater world of Indian Ocean?

Underwater world - this is an unexplored kingdom

Snorkeling gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Snorkeling does not require you to have special skills, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to admire the diversity of ocean flora and fauna. 

 Let’s go to the little adventure and meet impregnable coral reefs, different groups of fishes, as well as the largest type of stingrays living in the clear waters of Nus Penida.


Snorkling Manta Ray

Start at 8.00

Places to visit - 4 hot spots:

Manta Bay, Crystal Bay Beach,  Gamat Bay,  Wall Point.  

Adventure duration around 2-3 hours. Snorkeling for 25-30 minutes in each spot. Snorkeling equipment included: mask, tube and swimfins.  

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Snorkling Manta Ray
Snorkling Manta Ray
Price per person from 250 000 IDR
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Big Snorkling Safari Tour

Start at 8.00

Places to visit - 4 hot spots:

Manta Point 66, Crystal Bay Beach,  Gamat Bay,  Wall Point.  

Adventure duration around 3-4 hour.

Snorkeling for 25-30 minutes in each spot. Snorkeling equipment included: mask, tube and swimfins.

Before booking write us an email

Or chat to "WatsApp Chat"

Big Snorkling Safari Tour
Big Snorkling Safari Tour
Price per person from 500 000 IDR
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Rent GoPro Camera

Anyone who is into living life on the edge or in constant motion should use GoPro.

Do you dream of underwater photos?

We have available for rent 2 cameras

GoPro Underwater Camer

USD $15


PS: In all of this price include the seat on the boat for one person, not include transfer to the boat 


Start pick up at hotel 06.30 am (Bali)

Start pick up at hotel 07.30 am (Nusa Penida)

Boat depart to Nusa Penida around 7.30 - 8.30am
Back from Nusa Penida around 14.30pm

Things to Bring :

Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, Hat, Towel, Swimming suite, Jacket, Money in Rupiah, Camera and your personal needs.

For bookings or information please contact us email or whatsapp

Safety Rules and Manta Ray Code of Conduct

There are lot of different posters which describe CODE OF CONDUCT for interacting with manta rays. They usually based on recommendations from Marine Megafauna Foundation. But most of them are for scuba divers.

So we created our own poster for freedivers and snorkelers. It describes not only the Code of Conduct but also some common safety rules.

We have several printed and laminated posters in the school (vertical and horizontal). So if you are on Nusa Penida and you know some boat captains who is organizing trips to mantas, feel free to come, take some posters and give it to them. It will be perfect if this kind of posters will be on every boat.

Unfortunately many tour providers do not provide any briefing for their guests. So people who are visiting Manta Bay and Manta Point literally do not know anything about mantas, their behavior and safety rules. Very often you can see how people trying to touch mantas and break most of these rules at the same time. Having this kind of poster on the boat will increase chance that visitors at least will read it.

Also we can share with you electronic version of this file so you can change it, add something, make it branded for your shop, etc.

Please feel free to share it. And if you want to add something there let us know!

We will appreciate any feedback and help to make it better and spread this information.


Listen carefully to the briefing provided by your guide. It will help you minimize your impact, ensure your safety, and help you enjoy a longer and more spectacular encounter.


Touching the mantas invades their personal space and can disturb their behavior which leads to a shorter interaction time. Touching them also can remove protective mucous coatings and cause injury to the mantas.


Try to stay at least 3 meters away from a Manta Ray. If a manta comes close to you simply remain calm and still, leaving the manta in control of the interaction.


Avoid restricting the manta’s normal movement or behavior. Do not chase or harass the mantas. Do not block their path while they are swimming. Wait patiently and allow the manta to approach you. Keep calm and enjoy this interaction without forcing it!


While observing mantas remember to look around and be careful around other marine life. Do not touch corals or any other habitats.


While you are in the water look around and be aware of the boats. Manta area can get very busy with boats and other snorkelers. If you dive down always look up before starting your ascent to make sure that the surface above you is clear.


Manta Bay and Manta Point are both exposed to the rough southern side of Nusa Penida and are sometimes subject to strong currents. Don't swim close to the rocky shore, especially in bigger swells and always wear your fins even if you’re a strong swimmer.


If taking photos or videos, do not disregard these rules or other divers in order to get a good picture. Avoid excessive flash photography.


Always have a buddy while you are in water. When you dive always follow the rule "1 up 1 down".


Manta Bay and Manta Point are both popular sites for freediving, snorkeling and scuba diving. Respect that others also want to have a great experience in the water. If you see wrong or dangerous behavior, rather than imitating, please be a positive role model instead by following the rules above.