Snorkeling in Nusa Penida island

Would you like to explore the underwater world of Indian Ocean?

Snorkeling gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Snorkeling does not require you to have special skills, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to admire the diversity of ocean flora and fauna. 
 Let’s go to the little adventure and meet impregnable coral reefs, different groups of fishes, as well as the largest type of stingrays living in the clear waters of Nus Penida.

Snorkling Safari Tour

Adventure duration around 2.5 hours
Places to visit - 4 hot spots:
Manta Bay, Crystal Bay Beach, Gamat Bay, Wall Point.
Start at 8.00
Snorkeling equipment included: mask, tube and swimfins.

*PS: In all of this price include the seat on the boat for one person, not include transfer to the boat 


GoPro Camera

Do you dream of underwater photos?
We have available for rent GoPro Underwater Camer
Price 200 000 IDR for Rental GoPro Camera


We recommed you to take with yourself close suit Beacause sometimes, there are jellyfishes in the ocean ( Twice a Year )
So if you see the jellyfish when snorkeling or diving, you can possibly put it on.

We organise tours every day

What must be brought :

🌿 Sunscreen cream,
🌿 Sunglasses,
🌿 Some of your favorite swimsuits,
🌿 Change clothes, hats,
🌿 Dress, dress, one more and another dress, etc...