Amazing 3 Days

💫 Let's Build your own Tour Package:

✨ Pickup from the lobby of your hotel in Bali 🚖
✨ Speed Boat (round trip). Sanur - Nusa Penida ⛵️
✨  3 days with Private Car with Driver/guide 🚘
✨ Lunch 🍗
✨ Entrance tickets
✨  Snorkeling Safari Tour with 4 snorkeling spots🐬

💫 Itinerary can be like this:

07:45am - Arrive at Sanur harbor
08:00am - Fast boat departs for Nusa Penida
08:45am - Arrive at Nusa Penida harbor. Get picked up by our driver who will be holding a sign showing your name.
On the last day of your trip:
16:45pm - 🚖  Return to Nusa Penida harbor 
16:30pm - ⛵  Speed boat departs from Nusa Penida to Sanur 
17:15pm - ⚓️ Arrive in Sanur harbor

What you need to bring:

🌿 Sunscreen 🌿 Sunglasses 🌿 Swimsuit 🌿 Change of clothes, hat, towel etc.


Tour duration maximum 8 hours. I you need more than 8 hours it will be an extra cost/hour 90 000 IDR
And if there are elderly people in the Tour, you may be not have a time to visit all the places and It is fully expected with tours that things may take longer depending on queues and traffic.

📌 Sightseeing:

⭐ Day 1

✨ Tree house
✨ Thousand Island view point
✨ Diamond beach
✨ Atuh beach
✨ Teletubies Hills

⭐ Day 2

Broken Beach
✨ Angels Billabong
✨ Kelingking Beach
✨ Crystal bay

⭐ Day 3

Snorkeling Safari Tour
✨ Tembeling Beach, Natural Pool and Forest

More info on the sightseeing points

First Day. Land tour

Get set for three wonderful days in the secret paradise of Nusa Penida! This island has something for everyone. Enjoy breathtaking viewpoints, opportunities to top up your tan, enjoy nature and calm your soul in this tropical wonderland.

Thousand island viewpoint

Thousand island viewpoint, Molenteng Hill and Tree House - all these are in the one location. This viewpoint is located on the east part of Nusa Penida Island. Here we can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and islands on the distant horizon.
Thousand island viewpoint, Molenteng Hill and Tree House
Thousand island viewpoint, Molenteng Hill and Tree House
Thousand island viewpoint, Molenteng Hill and Tree House

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is our next stop on the secluded east coast. The white sand is guarded by towering limestone cliffs. In the shallows, the waters are calm but just a few meters further in at high tide, and the waves rush into the bay with tangible force. At low tide the ocean pulls back, revealing little rock pools, each a tiny world containing crabs and intriguing mini creatures. This is an idyllic spot to absorb the fresh ocean air.
Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is the most dreamy, unbelievably beautiful, paradise beach. This hidden gem has only just recently been made accessible by steps from the clifftop, all the way down to the pristine, sandy shore. Come and experience another incredible Nusa Penida ‘hot spot’ while it’s still unknown to the masses! The beach has glistening white sand, coconut palm trees, small caves and a suitable spot for swimming in the shallows.
Diamond Beach is separated from Atuh Beach by a cliff outcrop that juts out into the ocean.
From this point, we can marvel at both breathtaking beaches in just one glance!
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Bukit Teletubbies

Not only famous for its exotic beaches, Nusa Penida, Bali, also has beautiful and photogenic natural scenery.
One of them is Teletubbies Hill in the eastern region of Nusa Penida.
Now it’s time to head back to your comfy hotel, eager to look back at the photos you’ve taken, get a good rest and prepare yourself for another day of discovery!


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Second Day

Time to continue your adventures! Where will we go?

Broken Bay

The next spot on our adventure will be Broken Bay or‘Pasih Uug,’ in Balinese language. The bay looks like a huge pool, surrounded by tall, craggy, unique looking rocks that provide an intriguing, lunar-like landscape.
The unusual look of this bay is the result of volcanic activity that caused nature to construct what looks like a swimming pool on the moon! Walk along the bridge made from rocks to leap into the refreshing, turquoise waters.
Are you ready to take the plunge?

Angel’s Billabong

A picturesque seascape that will be embedded in your memory for life. The steep and majestic cliffs plunge vertically into emerald waters. From where we stand on the clifftops, a panoramic bird’s eye view of beautiful coral reefs create the most incredible panorama. The vibrancy of the water is undeniably striking here at Angel's Billabong. This is a photo opportunity not to be missed…you won’t even need to use a filter!
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong
Angel’s Billabong, Angel Billabong

Karang Dawa View​ Point and Kelingking Beach

Karang Dawa View​ Point provides a moment to stop and absorb the beauty and serenity of Penida’s south coast. Here it feels as though time comes to a stand still, providing a moment of silence, beauty and calm. Down below, concealed beneath the tall cliffs upon which we stand, Kelingking Beach is nestled in all its glory. Probably the most iconic of all Nusa Penida’s sights; it’s easy to see how people continue to fall in love and be drawn to this one-of-a-kind island.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay earned its name because of its pure, crystal clear water. That’s why this location is notorious with divers and snorkelers from around the world. Walk along the beach with white sand between your toes, the ocean lapping up your footprints as you meander along the palm tree lined shore. Your tension and stress melts away, leaving you present, simply enjoying this very moment.
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Day 3. Land Tour & Snorkeling safari tour

Nusa Penida is spectacular both above and below the water line! Jaw dropping sights are waiting to be discovered within the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding this magical island. Words can’t describe the beauty beneath…you’ll have to experience it for yourself! You will visit the four hottest spots for snorkeling and diving: Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, Gamat Bay and Wall Point. 
Snorkeling gives you the opportunity to enjoy this unbelievable underwater universe. Snorkeling does not require you to have special skills, certification or be weighed down with heavy equipment. Feel at one with nature and admire the incredible diversity of Penida’s ocean flora and fauna.  
Let us take you on a wondrous adventure into this watery world; coral reefs as far as the eye can see, teeming with life of unimaginable forms! An indescribable abundance of neon tropical reef fish, as well as the biggest ray of all, the magnificent, intelligent and curious gentle giant, the Manta Ray. 
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
Mantas are some of the largest animals in the ocean! They can weigh as much as 1,350 kg (3,000 lb) and have wingspans of up to 7 m (23 ft). 
They belong to the shark family, but do not fear! These are the most gentle creatures who wouldn’t hurt a fly, since they only eat plankton!
A manta can never stop swimming from the moment it’s born until the moment it dies! Mantas have to swim constantly to stay alive – the forward movement flushes water over their gills so they can breathe.
The name “manta” comes from the Spanish word meaning “mantle” or “cloak”…and it’s easy to see why 🙂
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
Snorkeling Nusa Penida
So, next you will go to the Southern part of Nusa Penida, you will visit a sweet water pool hidden in a magic forest, a crystal sonorous waterfall and striking your imagination views which beauty it’s impossible to describe by words.
Are you ready?

Tembeling Forest

Tembeling Beach - Natural Pool and Forest 
The magical oasis of Tembeling is another hidden gem of Nusa Penida. Having made your way through the forest and its noticeably fresh air, you will pass a small cave and head down to the sacred Tembeling pool.
The surroundings here are so lucious and green due to the island's fresh water naturally filtering to this spot. We often see a variety of exotic butterflies dancing amongst the vegetation.
Take a dip in the freshwater pool that looks out onto the endless deep blue ocean.
You will feel a million miles from civilization, content and calm.
Temeling Forest Nusa Penida, Tembeling Beach Nusa Penida
Temeling Forest Nusa Penida, Tembeling Beach Nusa Penida
Temeling Forest Nusa Penida, Tembeling Beach Nusa Penida
Around 3pm, with a mind full of memories to dream about, we’ll start our way back to the harbour for your return to Bali.
You will have seen and experienced so much! But if it’s not enough, not to worry, you can always come back!

We organise tours every day