Amazing 3 Days on the island Nusa Penida

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My dear travelers, we can either offer you a private tour by car or if you are a solo traveler by motorbike.

Only you and your friends can share this car for explore this amazing island.

On this tour you can visit the places below

Day 1

6:30 Pick-up in your hotel, transportation to Sanur Beach. 

8:30 Departure by Mola-Mola Express speedboat from Sanur Beach. 

9:15 Arrival in Sampalan, Nusa Penida. Check-in and breakfast.

11:00 Departure From hotel to Suwehan Beach - very quite place which is hidden among rocks and leading to white sand beach (similar to Dreamland Beach in Bali).

To reach the paradise, you will go down few dozen steps down, but it is really worth it!


13:00-14:00 After your enjoying the time under the sun you will continue your trip to the next point – Atuh Beach.

This white sand paradise is located in remote location in beautiful bay.

You will see exotic scenery with great panoramic views.

To see coastal cliffs, white sands, turquoise sea water, coconut palms and spectacular views from both sides you, will go down 100 steps through rocky and steep trail and also climb a mountain!

16:00-17:00 After rich trip you will be transported back to the our hotel to have dinner, relax and organize all photos you'll capture during the day.

Day 2

The next morning you will go to the Snorkeling Safari Tour!

Your trip will start at 7:00 am.

The firs we go to Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a beautiful bay at the west side of the island of Nusa Penida - the name "Crystal Bay" because her is crystal clear water and good underwater visibility. The bay has a white sandy beach with palm trees. This Bay is very famous diving site in Bali that you can visit in the season from July to mid November. The water is crystal clear thus excellent for snorkelling. Snorkellers can enjoy the underwater scenery, the fish life is very rich and occasionally Sun Fish , and Nurse Sharks hide under the corals. The beach is fairly quiet and therefore ideal to relax and have a picnic.


On this day you will visit four of the most popular places for snorkeling: Crystal Bay, Manta Bay, Buddha Tempel Under Water, Gamat Bay and Toyapakeh Point.

You will swim with amazing Manta Rays, see rich underwater world of Bali region, coral reefs, among which you will encounter countless tropical fish!


After light lunch you will continue your way to the Broken Bay (Pasir Uug) and Angel's Billabong Beach.

This unique place is different. Wonderful view of naturally shattered rocky cliff with giant tunnel, deep round-shaped bay in the middle surrounded by magic sounds of waves will open in front of you.

You'll also walk on top of the cliff and even do cliff jumping if you'd like! And if you're lucky you'll also spot beautiful Manta Rays to come and greet you again!


You'll swim in the natural swimming pool nearby the cliff – famous Angel's Billabong, meaning “The River's Edge of a Dead End”.

The natural pool surrounded by high cliffs filled with sea water during high tide is so clear, that you will not resist to swim in there!


Сontinue your trip to the next point – Karang Dawa.

Karang Dawa View Point where you will enjoy amazing views of virgin beaches from the top of the cliff. 

You can capture photos of Kelingking Beach – paradise hidden below, between high cliffs of peninsula. 


Near Karang Dawa place have Car temple, you can visiting it too 

Day 3

South part of Nusa Penida island


Peguyangan Waterfall

Our tour will start with visiting Peguyangan Waterfall(Guyangan) it is the water spring in Batu Kandik village in Nusa Penida district. This area is famous for fountains deep in the abyss directly overlooking the sea. To reach the springs, you should go down the stairs, attached to the wall of the ravine, one must descend 700 steps down a cliff bent. The journey is an exhilarating experience, with stunning views that leave guests delighted.  

Visitors can enjoy the public bath or take a shower and have a look at the view of the Indian Ocean that faces into the distance.



Saren Cliff Point and Banah Cliff Point

From Saren Cliff Point you will be able to see the incredible views, that you can not find elsewhere. At this locations you can also enjoy Sunrise and Sunset at once.

Saren Cliff Point offers you an excotic panoramic cliff, underneath there can see a clear of blue sea water of ocean the surprise there is a swing, where you can have fun remembering your childhood and enjoy the sights of rocks and beautiful cliffs.To remember these moments, take photos that are sure to be very different from others.

Arriving at Banah Cliff place, not only are you staring across to sheer massive walls of rock that soar to hundreds of metres high, but you’re actually standing on thise cliffs yourself, and it can take a moment to realise that you about a metre from the edge and with nothing between you and a into the deep blue sea.


And at 15:00 we transportation you back to your hotel in the Bali.

So, in this price tour included:

- Transfer from Kuta to Sanur Habor & return 

- Hotel on Nusa Penida at "Nusa Garden Bungalow" 2 nights 

- Speedboat from Sanur to Nusa Penida and return fare 

- Boat/ Car for island visiting 

- Snorkeling Safari tour by boat 

- Breakfast 2 times 

- Diner 2 times

in this price tour not included:

- Entrance ticket.

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Tour of the island by car which can accommodate 6 people and driver
Tour of the island by car which can accommodate 6 people and driver
Price for the Amazing 3 Days Tour 

pick up and drop off from your hotel in Bali. 

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If you are solo traveler, we can offer you tour island by motorbike including driver
If you are solo traveler, we can offer you tour island by motorbike including driver
Price for the Amazing 3 Days Tour 

pick up and drop off from your hotel in Bali. 

Start your adventure

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