The Best Nusa Penida Beaches

Bali's neighboring island Nusa Penida is building up it's fame of hosting some of the most stupendous beaches you will ever see.
And that's no wonder, just check the list below, it'll blow your mind!
How to visit all of them?
Either by car or motorbike we always recommend hiring a local driver.
You can just relax and enjoy the ride without thinking about locations, rough roads and traffic.

Kelingking Beach

With all the beautiful sites on Penida it is hard to pick a favourite.
Regarding fame, Kelinking is winning by far.
Kelingking Beach was selected by Instagram as the best beach in the world.
These T-Rex shaped cliff photos are not only used to promote Bali but also Indonesia all around the world.
Yes, the hike down and up can be a little bit challenging, but it's totally worth it.
It is one of those landscapes that make you admire the immensity and power of nature.
Kelingking Beach, ranked fourth in the list of the best beaches in Asia according to Travelers' Choice Best of the Best 2021
It was analyzed the amount of photos per stretch of sand meter and the T-Rex won by a stunning number, even more impressive given the global situation, of 4,227 pics per meter.
These numbers are no surprise given the beauty of this natural gem. So, when are you going to take yours?

Diamond Beach

As soon as you get to the top of the cliff facing Diamond Beach you realize why they named it like that.
Untouched sand, crystal clear turquoise water and diamond-shaped rocks is an idyllic and classy combination.
Additional fact: pay attention when looking down to the beach from the cliff, you may see some Manta Rays swimming around!

Crystal Bay Beach

This is the most accessible beach on Nusa Penida, you can literally park on the beach.
Facing directly west, this beach is the most popular to enjoy an unforgettable sunset after travelling around the whole day.
As if this wasn't enough it's one of the most visited spots for snorkeling given it's great biodiversity

Atuh Beach

Atuh is an amazing white sand beach surrounded by cliffs.
You'll have to hike 15 minutes in order to get to the beach but once you are there you'll have a stunning view of the clear water and the beautiful arch islet guarding the beach.
Local tip: It’s better to visit this spot at high tide!

Tembeling Beach and Forest

Forming part of the “lesser-know Penida”, this hidden beach is quite challenging to get to.
A really steep and rough gravel road leads to this little heaven on earth.
Freshwater waterfalls and two natural swimming pools combine with the beach to make this spot a piece of paradise.