Freediving Trip


We offer training and coaching sessions where you join us on the dive lines.
If you need a little more help to get some of the basics down, or you are looking to improve your depth, technique or time. Of if you just want to focus only on your dives, you can take a coaching session with one of our instructors.

💰 Price: IDR 700.000


The discover Freediving course will give you a taste of the freedom that the full course can deliver without committing to a full Freediving course. But as it counts as the first day of the full course you can, if you chose to, go right ahead to continue with the second day and become a certified Freediver.
During this course you will learn the basics of being a Freediver and you will learn some of the breathing techniques that we use to calm our mind and bodies,
We do not put any focus on depth on this course, the focus in on becoming comfortable in the water and having fun! The maximum depth for the day will be 12m.
Theory - Disciplines, Equipment, Technique, Equalization, Physiology and Breathing Practical - Breathing, Duckdive, Finning and Free immersion form, Equalization

💰 Price: IDR 1.500.000