How to get to the Nusa Penida island

There are some ways how to get to the island Nusa Penida from the Bali

Harbor Sanur

It’s the most simple and comfortable way to get to the island.
When you arrive to port Sanur the first thing you need to do is to find a berth Sanur Beach which is the place of departure for boats to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.
You just pass by the intermediary office situated on the left on the corner of the street and go straight forward.
Of course you can buy tickets in this office but they will be more expensive.  
Then turn to the left and just go along the beach. You will see different ticket spots.


During weekends and holidays there are a lot of tourists so all the tickets can be sold. That’s why it’s better for you to book tickets in advance or early arrive to the port.
Unfortunately there are no piers at Sanur Beach and you will get into the boat from the water.
Make sure you wear something short and you shoes are comfortable.
Tip: grab a window seat as it can often get stuffy inside the cabin. Depending on the boats you may be able to get onto the roof and enjoy the wind.

Ferry or RoRo

If you planning to arrive with your motorcycle, you should take the Public Ferry from Padang Bay. It is the most economical option in the big ferry.
The ferry should officialy leave at 10, but its every day different, you can left Padang bai at 12:30, or at 1pm... and few weeks ago waited until 4pm... so the best way is to go there at 9am to buy tickets and ask about the time of departure, they should already know in the morning at what time it will leave.
The ticket office in Nusa Penida opens at 6.50
The ferry departs from Nusa Penida from 7.00 ... and arrives to Padang Bay around 8.00
Price for 1 person is Rp 31 000. 



From Nusa Lembongan


Public Boat

It departs from Nusa Lembongan every day from 6:00am.
Price around 75 000 IDR. 
The departure is from the village jungut Batu near the yellow bridge connecting Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.
You can also use private boats. Price for around 250 000 – 400 000 IDR.
The boats arrive to the village Toyapakeh on the North of Nusa Penida. From Toyapakeh you can order a taxi and get to any part of the island

Book tickets to Nusa Penida

Foreign Price 100.000 for 1 way / per person
Kitas Price 75.000 for 1 way / per person