Ijen Volcano

Just 24 Hours from Bali

Chase the blue fire on a tour that’s out of this world!

💫Trip timings:

Set off from Bali at 18:00
The ascent starts early at 03:00 hours the next day
Return to Bali around 16:00

⭐️ Pricing:

💰 1,250,000 IDR per person in a group of 4 people or;
💰 2,100,000 IDR per person, for 2-3 people (min. 2 people)

💫 Price includes:

Transportation from Bukit, Kuta, Semenyak, Canggu areas (transportation can be arranged from Sanur, Ubud and remote areas of the island for an additional fee).
Car, gasoline and driver
Ferry (return trip)
Ijen volcano entrance tickets
 Ijen volcano guide
Safety masks

Not included:

Meals and covid tests (you will need to pay for these yourself).

Vital things to bring with you:

🌿 Full vaccination certificate
🌿 Identity documents 
🌿 Meals and tests for covid are paid additionally by yourself.
🌿 Warm clothes including trousers, jacket, hat, scarf, raincoat, comfortable shoes, shirt or long-sleeved T-shirt, gloves, walking boots, walking socks.
🌿 Water bottle and food.

Adventure seekers, this one’s for you!

Head off to Mount Ijen, an amazing stratovolcano, located in East Java. Ijen is a quiet but active volcano;  a complex of stratovolcanoes, craters and cones, at an incredible height of 2799m above sea level. 
Within the crater of the volcano is a mesmerizingly beautiful turquoise coloured sulphur lake. It is the largest acidic lake in the world. The lake changes its colour; sometimes  a deep electric blue and sometimes grey-green. It’s as if the volcano is showing its change of mood. It may be possible to make your way down into the crater and see how the sulphur burns with intense blue light. Incredibly, inside the crater is a quarry where sulphur is mined by hand! You might have seen some impressive sunrises before but here…it’s mind blowing!
The gases escape from cracks in the volcano at high pressure and temperature of up to an unimaginable 600°C or 1,112°F! These gases ignite when they come in contact with air resulting in bursts of blue flames that can reach up to 5 metres or 16 feet high! There can also be bright yellow smoke, an amazing contrast to the azure lake.

Please note:

Volcanologists make a report before the planned ascent time to say if it is safe to go down into the crater or not. It is impossible to know in advance, since measurements of the content of gases and the activity of the volcano are made before that. But not to worry as it’s really not required to descend into the crater to enjoy the spectacular view. Standing at the top of the crater overlooking the hypnotic blue fire at dawn is an unforgettable sight!
You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy this tour. The ascent is about 3 km, from the start to the top of the crater and takes about 1.5-2 hours. To the lake inside the crater, the descent is about 900 metres and another 900m to ascend again. It is also very cold, especially at the top, so it’s vital you bring appropriate clothing.

If you bring a professional camera (or drone) for commercial photos or video shooting or a you will be required to pay a separate ticket for them:
📸 Professional camera 250.000 IDR 
🎥. Large video camera 1.000.000 IDR