Jet Ski Safari

Feel the adrenaline and the invigoration of the wind in your hair as you zip over Nusa Penida’s turquoise waters.
For adventure seekers and exotic paradise lovers!
Jet skis available to your skill level, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced jet skier.
Professional Jet Ski guide and life jacket are provided as well to ensure your safety and security adventures.
You can hire your own jet ski and explore the waters on your own if you are confident enough to take the controls.
What a fun way to spend some time on this idyllic island!

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💫 Price:

1 hour jet ski ride: 1 500 000 IDR (solo)
30 minute jet ski ride: 850 000 IDR (solo)
30 minute jet ski ride: 750k IDR (with instructor)

Jet Ski Touring

Our passion is to provide not only exceptional service but also an unforgettable experience for our guests to take home with them!
✨ Min 2 Jet Ski for 2,5 hrs (It is possible to rent only 1 jet ski for the touring, but you will be charged as for 2 jets.) ✨ Our instructor will accompany as a Leader & Sweeper ✨ Place: Batu Bolong, Klingking, Broken Beach, Yellow Bridge ✨ Include Lunch at Bar & Beach Club (selecting menu)
✨ 5 Jet Skis are available for touring 💦

💫 Price:

Price 1.950.000 for 1 Jet Skis ( solo)
Price 2 850 000 for 1 Jet Ski/ (tandem)

Explore of amazing surroundings Nusa Penida!
Great for corporate team events, birthday celebrations or date days!