Motorbike or car?

Nusa Penida is this amazing island, small but big enough to spend days travelling around it. 🌴
Even though Penida hosts some of the most stunning views of Bali it has not been fully developed yet.
The lack of infrastructure is shown in the road conditions and the lack of public transport.
Lately the tracks leading to the most visited places have been paved, but Penida’s lesser-known spots roads are still steep and rough gravel roads.
Roads are narrow with irregular edges and surfaces.
That’s why we strongly recommend hiring a driver, either for car or motobike, unless you already have experience driving around regional Indonesia.
Whether to choose if you will travel by car or motobike is strictly a personal choice. 💫

Should I go for the motobike? 🛵

If you have the experience to drive motorbike and you enjoy the tropical wind in your face, and you want to cruise around the hills like a local, go for the motobike around Nusa Penida!
We can recommend to rent motorbike with us here.
Just remember: always wear a helmet and drive perlahan-lahan (slowly in the local language).

Should I go for the car? 🚘

If comfort is an important factor for you and you would like to turn off the tropical heat with the aircon, go for the car!
Afterall renting a car is not expensive at all and always comes with a driver.
You just need to sit back and enjoy the ride and the views.
So, what's going to be your choice?