Magical Ubud

🌴 Price includes:

✨ Private Car with Driver/guide 🚘

📌 Sightseeing:

Monkey Forest
✨Tegalalang Ricefield & Terrace River pool swing
✨Ubud Art market
✨Campuhan Ridge Walk
✨Goa Gajah temple
✨Coffee plantation
✨Tukad Cepung Waterfall

What you need to bring:

🌿 Change of clothes, hat, etc.
Ubud are world known as a part of Bali that provide view of traditional Balinese Artisanship and natural beauty.

Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest 🐵  is a large jungle park located right in the centre of Ubud. It is situated in a Hindu temple complex, full of ancient trees 🌳. This is the perfect habitat for monkeys, of which there are hundreds! 🐒.
These cheeky creatures come right up to you, and can even jump up on your shoulder. Watch out for your sunglasses, these cheeky rascals like shiny things!
Admission is 50,000 IDR (around $ 3.50 US dollars). A walk in this age-old forest with lively active monkeys is a unique experience to remember.

Tegalalang Ricefield & Terrace River pool swing

Tegalalang rice fields are a series of rice paddies located on the outskirts of Ubud. These famous terraced hills provide the ultimate, lusciously green backdrop. These are probably the most impressive rice fiends in all of Bali because they are so well maintained with their intricate patterns, offering a mesmerising view. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to take amazing pictures of this place. Just point and shoot; pretty as a picture!
The layers of dense green foliage creates an amazing layered appearance on the side of the hill, almost like a big, green, layer-cake. Here you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants overlooking the beautiful rice terraces.

Ubud Art Market

The Balinese people are world famous for their Art. The traditional Balinese art market is a must-see when visiting Ubud. Browse the countless pieces, including Balinese silver rings and necklaces, clothing, paintings and sculptures. Many of which are adorned with images of Balinese mythology such as Barong, a lion-like creature who is the king of the spirits and leader of the hosts of good. Take home a souvenir to remind you of your wondrous trip!

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk, an absolute must-see when visiting the town of Ubud. Meander along the paved walkway, surrounded by the peaceful greenery. This is a little oasis, away from the streets of town. It is a short, but very rewarding stroll that takes you up and down a ridge along rice paddies and palm trees. This 2km walk with a panoramic landscape, tropical foliage and rolling hills, quiets the mind and calms the soul.

Goa Gajah Temple

The Goa Gajah, ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archaeological site that was built in the 9th century. The cave was rediscovered by Dutch archaeologists in 1923. Although the exact origins of the cave are uncertain, it is believed to have been built as a place for spiritual meditation. The cave’s entrance shows the menacing giant face of an elephant, with its wide open mouth as the door. Various images adorn the walls, depicting the forest and animals which are carved into the rock. Inside are 3 stone idols, each one depicting Hindu angels holding vases that act as waterspouts. There is an extensive bathing place on the site which was not excavated until the 1950s. This is a truly atmospheric place; where the mind can run wild with images of times gone by.
Please note: 
As with any temple visit in Bali, women during their periods are forbidden entrance.
Wearing a sarong and waist sash is mandatory. These are available for rent at the entrance.

Coffee Plantation

Finally it’s time to freshen up with a coffee as we go coffee tasting at Satria Coffee Plantation ☕
Indonesian coffee is world renowned…hence the term, ‘cup of java!’
Here at Satria Coffee Plantation, we get to taste all varieties for free! A favourite is Kopi Luwak; the most expensive coffee in the world! You may be surprised to then hear it's actually made from cat poo! 🙈 Well, sort of…it is made from partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and ‘disposed of’ by the Asian palm civet. This process is said to remove any acidity from the beans, resulting in a smooth brew.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of the tourist destinations in Bali that you must visit if you are a lover of adventure and nature alike. It is one of the most unique and photogenic waterfalls in all of Bali. Water tumbles through the cave opening which is lit with ethereal beams of sunlight. In the local language ‘Tukad’ means river and ‘Cepung’ means flow. Unlike most waterfalls around Bali, this one doesn’t flow into a river or stream, rather it meanders down the cliffs and ends in a cave.
The circular cliffs of the cave tower above to the open sky above from where the waterfall emerges, providing an absolutely heavenly view. Sometimes the sunlight disperses through the water, creating a beautiful rainbow. 

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