Mysterious Ubud


Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of the tourist destinations in Bali that you must visit if you are a lover of nature and a challenge. To reach the location of this unique and beautiful waterfall, visitors must pass through the cliff gap which means the cave. The circular cliffs give you the feeling of being in a cave, while the open sky right from where the waterfall emerges, gives you the most enchanting view. The sunlight falls on the glistering waterfall creating a rainbow, which feels as though it is projected right up to you.

Monkey Forest

Sacred Monkey Forest 🐵 is a large jungle park located right in the center of Ubud, among the Hindu temple complex and centuries-old trees 🌳. This is a real paradise for monkeys, of which there are several tens of hundreds🐒. They can come right up to you, climb on your foot and take a walk with you, sitting on your shoulder.
Admission is 50,000 rupees ($ 3.50 US dollars). Ancient sculptures and lively active monkeys will make your trip unforgettable.

Tegalalang Ricefield & Terrace River pool swing

Tegalalang rice fields is a series of rice paddies located close to Ubud, in the centre of Bali, famous for its terraced layout. The place is famous for the most stunning rice terraces in the area. Because they are well maintained and easily to be photographed, explored and enjoyed by visitors. The layers of dense green foliage creates an amazing pattern on the side of the hill, almost like a big, green, layer-cake. You can have lunch here as there are plenty of restaurant to choose, which all of them have view to Tegalalang rice terrace.

Coffee Plantation

We finally got to go coffee tasting at Satria Coffee Plantation ☕
Indonesian coffee has been our favourite in Asia so we were super happy that this place let's you taste all of these coffee's for free and they were all super tasty. Our favourite was Luwak (the most expensive coffee in the world!) surprising as it's actually made from cat poo! 🙈
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