Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida

You wake up, drink your coffee and start thinking about that holiday that’s coming up. 💫
What will I do there? How will I make that time the time of my life? 🤔
If you are asking that about Nusa Penida, here you have the answers!
Let's get started!
The island houses the most iconic views of Bali’s landscapes, amazing cliffs, stunning beaches and pristine nature are the attractions here.

Kelingking beach

This is the most impressive, as well as famous, spot on the island. I’m sure you’ve seen that image on your favourite travel influencers instagram. That's how I knew this island's existence and I fell in love with it.

Now, let me tell you, all these places that I'll list below have nothing to envy to the t-rex claw.

Crystal Bay

Imagine having a little swim in the crystal-clear ocean, or just having a pic-nic on the beach with your people while the last sun lights hit your skin. If this sounds tempting you MUST visit Crystal Bay. Furthermore, it is the most accessible beach on the island.

Broken Beach

This carved-in-limestone hole in the landscape resulted in one of the most marvelous beaches in the world.
You can walk all around it and get some breathtaking shoots

Angel Billabongs

Only a 5 minute walk away from Broken Beach you can find this beauty.
Some millions years of erosion had created the perfect infinity pool for you. The swim you’ll have here will be hard to forget!

Tree House

For this one I’ll go with the image first:
Just look at it and tell me it's not something that came out of your dreams. You can’t.
Paradisiac viewpoint, geographically located just a few hundred meters south of Diamond Beach, provides a dreamy view of the cliffs and pristine waters as well as the “thousand islands”.
Just look at it and tell me it's not something that came out of your dreams.
You can’t.

Diamond Beach

Here you will find the stairway to heaven-on-earth. Definitely my favourite beach on the island, crystal clear water, diamond shaped rocks and a beautiful swing to the ocean.
You can even spot Manta Rays swimming from the cliffs!

Atuh Beach

Right next to Diamond Beach, it is just as sensational as the last one.
After a 20 minutes hike you can get to the actual beach and take a refreshing dip.
Take into consideration that this is a tidal beach, it is better to visit it during high tide

Goa Gri Putri Temple

Situated on the north-earth part of the island, it’s a unique cave temple.
This is a whole different experience from visiting beaches.
It’ll expose your deepest spituals feelings and require the most out of your flexibility to go inside.