Fun Snorkeling Trip

Special request to Manta Point

We also do group snorkeling at Manta point 66 - a deep spot far in an open ocean.
The chance to spot Manta Rays is higher than in Manta bay.
Adventure Duration: 2.5 hours.
All equipment and group underwater photos included.

Price 500 000 IDR / per person

Price does not include transfer to/from Hotel.

💫 Itinerary:

09:30 am - Boat depart from Nusa Penida

📌 Sightseeing:

Places to visit 3 spots:
✨ Manta Point 66
✨ Crystal bay
✨ Wall poin
Who says you need wings to fly? Find freedom on the water & spread your wings! 🏊‍🦋🐬💦
Let's swim with Manta Rays.
Did you know?... Mantas are some of the largest animals in the ocean! They belong to the shark family, but do not fear! These are the most gentle creatures who wouldn’t hurt a fly, since they only eat plankton!

Will be Manta Rays today or not? No one knows. It is wildlife.
Please don't blame us if you don't see them.