Southern Nusa Penida

Made with love for people who love traveling

In the Southern part of Nusa Penida, you will visit a sweet water pool hidden in a magic forest, a crystal sonorous waterfall and striking your imagination views which beauty it’s impossible to describe by words. Are you ready?


Temeling Forest

The magical forest of Temeling guards nature-created treasures. Having made your way through the thickets of the forest and passing the cave arch, you will see the sacred Temeling pool with turquoise water and overlooking the endless ocean.

Peguyangan Waterfall

Natural waterfall Guyangan without a doubt is a zest of this trip. The waterfall is located in the back of the island and they say it’s the most beautiful spot in Nusa Penida. You will start your adventure by visiting this wonderful place. Your way to the waterfall won’t be easy. 700 steep stairs along the cliff to scale – a real challenge for people strong of heart, which will rest in your memory forever. Small but forceful waterfall hitting against the cliffs, turquoise ocean waters, and natural spring water pool. 
 This adventure will definitely take your breath away.

Banah Cliff Point

Banah Cliff Point will be the final spot in our adventure. It’s a very secluded place which almost nobody knows about. You will have an opportunity to enjoy these precious minutes of calmness and silence, mixed with the music of nature. 
 Looking at the sea you will see a crescent formed rock and feel the insouciance brought by the ocean breeze. This is a perfect place to spend time with the person you love.
During this little adventure will become a real reincarnation for you. 

We organise tours every day

What must be brought :

- Sunscreen cream.
- Sunglasses,
- Extra towel
- Some of your favorite swimsuits
- Change clothes, hats,
- Dress, dress, one more and another dress, etc
We offer you to book a Hotel in advance, if you plan to stay on the island
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