Best Sunset Places

There is something in those warm colors of the setting sun that awakens your dreams and fantasies. 👙 ☀️
When those golden notes reflect in crystal clear water before hitting your eyes you get transported to an enchanted world.
It gives you a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Feeling like being there, just where you must be. 💕 I’ve watched many sundowns, all around the world. Penidians sunsets are something else. 🌴
One of the advantages of being on an island is its 360 degree panoramic view.
Want to watch the sunrise? Drive an hour or less to the east.
Want to watch the sunset? Drive an hour or less to the west.
I must say sunrise is out of reach given my islander sleeping patterns but I never miss a sunset. And, you shouldn’t, especially in these locations:

☀️ Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a lovely palm-fingered beach.
One of the top destinations in Nusa Penida for many reasons: snorkeling, diving, freediving or just to enjoy a relaxing walk and swim in this idyllic beach.
Facing towards the west, with the temple island in its centre, you’ll admire one of the best sunsets you will ever watch.

☀️ Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach provides a graceful sunset view.
You may enjoy it from the cliff top. If you do from the beach you will have to walk all the way up in the dark, which is not bad if you have an adventurer inside you.
A magical union is created between this iconic gem and the marvelous sunsets of this island.
It’s just irresistible.

☀️ Amok Restaurant and Sunset Bar

This is the choice if you want to enjoy the golden hour in a classy and comfortable spot.
This man-made viewpoint is situated at the top of a hill in between Crystal Bay and Gammat Bay.
Its great architecture, pool and menu combines exquisitely with the golden lights of sundown.
Just relax and enjoy a poolside cocktail sip with the last beam of sunlights.

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