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Where to eat on Penida? 🌶️ 🍽️ 🍔
Gastronomy is always an essential portion of a perfect holiday. 🦀 🍤
Nusa Penida is not a gourmet paradise but its rapid development in the last few years has seen some quality eateries popping up in the north-west side of the island. 🥑🥕
Beauty on Penida relies on its natural sites and, when life gives you lemons 🍋 you make lemonade, right?
These resto-bars offer not only great dishes but also a superb dining experience with stunning views.

Secret Penida

This has always been a favourite place for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🍓 Food quality here is just superb, with a mix of Western and some Eastern dishes. It used to be situated by the roadside, but not anymore. It has recently been moved to the beach front and the surroundings are truly dreamy!
Sipping on a fresh young coconut with the ocean breeze in your hair, you can look out over the turquoise ocean with Mount Agung in Bali as a magnificent backdrop.

Amok Restaurant and Sunset Bar

Whether you want to grab a drink, eat or simply enjoy the sunset ☀️ this restaurant provides an unique experience.
You can dine either seated in a magnificent bale bale, at the poolside or in a 3-meter high bamboo nest.
Sophisticated food and the widest wine, 🍷 local and imported, variety on the island are not the only attraction here, the place itself is a magnificent viewpoint and one of the best sunset spots on Penida. 🍇

Green Kubu Penida

Location of this restaurant couldn't be better. Stands on a hilly area facing directly to the sea with an exotic view of the mountains and the ocean.
Green Kubu is not only prepared as a culinary place but also as a theater, it has an amazing main stage to hold performances, and as a club.
The menu features Indonesian dishes as well as international, a great variety of pizzas, vegetarian and vegan food.
It was recently built but has already become part of the Nusa Penida must-do list.

The Chill Penida

Built right next to the ocean, about 20 minutes away from Toya Pakeh, The Chill offers delicious food and an amazing view.
Whether spending your day in a poolside bed or just going for a post-tour meal, your experience at this restaurant will be something memorable.
The menu includes international and local dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients.

Coco Penida

This beachfront restaurant is perfect to spend the day.
You’ll have a magnificent meal either for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just grabbing a cocktail admiring the ocean view with the best artist on the island performing a live show. 🎼🎸
Serves various options of healthy food and its ingredients are locally sourced.

Penida Colada

The food, the vibes and the view here are just stupendous.
Enjoy the sounds of the ocean, the view of Mount Agung towering in the distance while you taste a magnificent smoothie bowl or sip a refreshing mojito. 🍹
House specialties include seasonal specials, smoothies and cocktails. 🥂🍸
A big plus is its great WIFI. This is the spot to enjoy an espresso, a brownie and have that last minute programmed videoconference.🍰

Virgin Beach Club

Located right on the beach, it has sun lounges and restaurant tables on the sand.⛱️
That makes it ideal to spend the day or to have dinner waiting for the sunset while you have a sip of your cocktail. ☀️ 🍸
Furthermore, it has a sandy dance floor and every night there's an invited DJ ready to get the party started.💃🏼

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