Catamaran • Floating Beach Club

Submerge yourself in a world of tropical wonders as we glide from one Gili destination to another, and then venture across Lombok’s open seas, offering a breathtaking view of the coastline.


✨ Cruise In Comfort

Comfortably hosting up to 18-25 guests 👙

✨ Food & Drinks

Sit back and relax while our crew serve gourmet food, and drinks from the bar 🍉🥥

✨ Ocean Adventure

Discover an underwater world featuring turtles, statues and stunning corals 🐠💦

⛵️ Ticket includes:

International food buffet Infused water
Premium snorkelling gear
GoPro Video
Snorkeling in 2-3 locations - Swim with turtles + underwater statues


⚓️ Join Us For A Once In A Lifetime Experience and fun – just pack a swimsuit!
🔆 Let our guides take you to premier snorkelling spots featuring turtles, vibrant marine life, and underwater statues.
⛵️ Our attentive crew will offer a delicious selection of food and drinks from the bar, ensuring a lively atmosphere!
Catamaran in Bali


8.30am - 1.30pm
Our Morning Cruise is perfect for those seeking a laid-back adventure and calm snorkel conditions.


2.30pm - 7.30pm
Our Sunset Cruise is for adventure seekers wanting to enjoy snorkelling with the ultimate sunset experience.

Morning Cruise

Unwind To Our Specially Curated Soundtrack, Savour A Drink From The Bar Or Take A Plunge From The Boat Into The Ocean - It's Your Adventure, Yours To Embrace.
8.30am - 1.30pm | Everyday
Our five hour Morning Cruise is the perfect way to start your day. This cruise is ideal for avid snorkelers, with some of the best snorkelling conditions to be found first thing in the morning or those wanting a laid back adventure.


Explore three renowned snorkelling spots around the Gili Islands with our experienced guides: the iconic Gili Meno underwater statues, Turtle City, and Secret Garden near Gili Air. Enjoy a delightful breakfast between stops or bask in the sun on deck to laid back tunes. After snorkelling, indulge in a buffet lunch and leisure time aboard before returning ashore.

8.00am – Guests arrive at the Utopia Ticket Office on Jalan Pantai Gili Trawangan.
8.30am – We walk across the road to the water’s edge and take the tender boat to Utopia Catamaran that is moored 5 minutes away. You’ll then be greeted by our amazing crew and offered a refreshment.
8.45am – After settling into your spot (the large lounge, swing chairs, netted seats or the top of the boat bean bags), you’ll be served a delicious and healthy light breakfast of yoghurt with homemade granola, sweet and savoury pastries, fruits and tea and coffee.
9.00am – Your Captain will then introduce the team, give a safety briefing and explain the destinations to discover and then invite you to prepare yourself for the first Gili snorkelling spot. You’ll take a short ride on the tender boat with your snorkel guides to the west coast of Gili Meno to discover a vibrant underwater world. You’ll see corals, plenty of tropical fish and the famous underwater statues Gili. Your guides will capture these moments on the Go Pro and support you in the water as needed.
10.30am – After arriving back on Utopia Catamaran, you can relax to a curated soundtrack as we cruise to the second Gili snorkelling spot, the north side of Gili Meno.
11.00am – Your snorkelling guides will then lead you through the clear warm waters to visit Turtle Point, where you’ll have an opportunity to swim with and observe the majestic turtles, coral reefs and many species of tropical fish.
12.00pm – Once you’ve returned back to the Catamaran from the thrill of snorkelling, you’ll be ready for a snack. Depending on the Gili Islands weather forecast, we may cruise to a third snorkelling spot, or continue to cruise the waters while the crew serve your lunch entree.
12.30pm – We then begin to cruise in the open waters while lunch is served and guests can embrace the breathtaking views of the Lombok coast including the Rinjani Volcano. If you haven’t already, you may wish to enjoy a drink from the bar while you create memories with old and new friends. We’ll even stop in the middle of the ocean so you can experience the thrill of jumping from the top of the boat into the ocean – we highly recommend it!
1.30pm – We arrive back at Gili T beach, with smiles on our faces, salt in our hair and memories to last a lifetime.

Sunset Cruise

As The Sun Dips Below The Horizon, Painting The Sky In Hues Of Orange And Pink, You'll Realise - This Isn't Just A Gili Island Tour; It's A Canvas Of Memories Waiting To Be Painted. Capture The Moments, Share The Stories, And Let The Gili Islands Be Your Backdrop. 2.30pm - 7.30pm | Everyday


Enjoy snorkelling around renowned Gili Island attractions with our experienced guides: the iconic Gili Meno underwater statues, Turtle City, and Secret Garden near Gili Air. We’ll cruise leisurely along the coast while you relax, admiring the coastline and soaking up the sun. End your trip with an international buffet dinner and breathtaking sunset.

2.00pm – Guests to arrive to our ticket office on the main road in Gili T for check in.
2.30pm – Once across the road, board the tender boat with fellow passengers to reach the Utopia Catamaran, moored just 10 minutes away. Our exceptional team will warmly welcome you with a refreshment.
2.45pm – Once you’ve found your spot, whether it’s the expansive lounge, swing chairs, netted seats, or the bean bags atop the boat, you’ll be treated to some sweet cakes and fruits. You may also wish to order a beer or cocktail from our bar. The Captain will then introduce the crew, provide a safety briefing, and outline the destinations to be explored. You will then be invited to get ready for the first Gili Trawangan snorkelling spots.
3.00pm – A brief tender boat journey will take you to the west coast of Gili Meno. Witness stunning corals, a myriad of tropical fish, and the renowned underwater statues Gili. Your snorkelling guides will document these memorable moments with a GoPro and provide assistance as required.
4.30pm – Upon returning to the Utopia Catamaran, unwind to a carefully curated soundtrack while we sail to the second Gili snorkelling location on the north side of Gili Meno.
5.00pm – Led by your snorkel guides, you’ll navigate the clear and balmy waters to reach Turtle Point. Here, you’ll have the chance to swim and observe majestic turtles, coral reefs, and a variety of tropical fish species.
6.00pm – After the exhilaration of Gili snorkelling and returning to the Catamaran, it’s time for a snack. Depending on the Gili Islands weather forecast, we might head to a third snorkelling spot to view Gili Air turtles, or continue cruising while the crew serves your dinner entree.
6.30pm – We will navigate through the open waters listening to a chilled soundtrack, savour the stunning views of the Lombok coast, including the majestic Rinjani Volcano. You may consider sipping a drink from the bar while making memories with both old and new friends. We’ll even pause in the ocean for those seeking an exhilarating experience—jumping from the top of the boat. We highly recommend it! Then, dinner is served while the sun sets and displays purple and orange hues, presenting the perfect photo opportunity.
7.30pm – Returning to the shores of Gili T beach, we carry smiles on our faces, salt in our hair, and memories destined to endure a lifetime.
Experience the private charter between Bali-Gilis & Lombok with us!