Gili islands

🌴 Price includes:

Pick up & drop off by car from your hotel in Bali 🚘
✨ Boat tickets round trip from Bali to the Gilis ⛵️
Hotel (according your budget)
✨ Snorkeling Safari Tour
✨ Bicycle for explore island


6.00 am - 7.00 am hotel pick-up and transfer to harbour in Padang Bay
9.00 am boat ride from Padang Bay to Gili Trawangan
Upon arrival, we will meet you and organise a transfer by cidomos (horse and cart) to your hotel.
We’ll then arrange your snorkeling trip and provide bicycles for you to ride around the island.
This tiny trio of islands is the perfect getaway for exotic travel lovers.
The tiny Gili Islands are just three of Indonesia’s colossal set of 17, 508 islands! These picture perfect islands lie off the northwest coast of Lombok. ‘Gili’ means ‘small island’ in the local Sasak language. This is the perfect tropical getaway for adventure lovers and relaxation seekers alike. 
To say “I’ve been to the Gilis” is an absolute must if you’ve visited Bali!

Transport on the Gilis

What’s something you’re guaranteed not to see here? Motorbikes and cars! That’s right, no piercing exhaust pipes interrupting your sleep or conversation. Exploring these cute little islands couldn’t be more quaint; the only mode of transportation here is on foot, by bicycle or Gili’s own taxi service, horse and cart. These horses and carts, called ‘cidomos’ (pronounced ‘chi-do-mos’) can be hired from the street.
We’ll provide you with bicycles to get around…it only takes around 2 hours to cycle all around the biggest Gili, at the slowest pace and taking photos all the while! 🚴🏻‍♀️
For a spectacular show of a sunset, head to the west side of the islands, find a spot in the sand or in a beach bar and watch the sun paint the sky orange as it dips behind Bali’s Mount Agung.

Snorkeling Tour

An underwater sculpture called “The Nest” consists of 48 life-size, human figures that stand in a ring, facing one another. The nooks and crevices in these sculptures attract underwater life, providing them withsafe habitats 🐠🐡🐙🐟🦀🐬 In the future, the sculptures will be unrecognisable, covered by marine vegetation and coral reef. This intriguing site is perfect for underwater photos. They are only about 4 metres below the water’s surface and so it’s easy to duck dive between these ethereal statues...
Have you ever swam with turtles? 🐢 The Gili Islands are one of the sea turtle capitals of the world! Swimming with turtles is one of our favourite activities to do here. Here we can meet two types of turtle; hawksbill and green turtles.💦
Time to head out and explore the sea! Where areas of coral reef have been destroyed by destructive anchoring in the past, a structure made from multiple poles to provide a large surface area called biorock has been laid.
This is to regenerate the coral and attract marine life once again. These vintage Vespas and their surrounding biorocks provide safe havens for marine life and are home to hundreds of fish already. These are the only scooters you’re going to see in the Gilis!
Jump on your underwater motorbike and go for a ride, the perfect selfie moment!

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