What to do in Nusa Penida

You already took our spots bucket list from our article Places to go in Nusa Penida, but here we are going to expand it.
Here we are going to tell you not only where to go but also what to do, what you cannot miss and what will take your holiday to the next level.
These are the key points for your perfect trip to this magic island 🌴

💫 Take a land tour 🚘

We are always the right persons to show you around.
We do not only know the best spots and the right time to go but they also will tell you something special about the places, some facts that only they know, some stories. Read the full blog post here: Nusa Penida Tours

💫 Watersports - Go to the ocean! 🦀🐚

Exploring the underwater world
It is well known the beauty Penida has to offer on land, but I'm here to open a new world for you.
Nusa Penida is an underwater paradise.
You need to know this island is situated in the coral triangle, the global center of marine biodiversity. This is the “Amazon of the seas”.
Bali’s diving is good. Penida’s diving is world class.
Due to its untouched nature, exploring the seas here will be something you’ll never forget.
Now, you may ask: -What will I see?
Marine biodiversity here is just breathtaking. The beauty of its pristine reefs, the amount and variety of fishes, cephalopods and marine mammals swimming around you is just surreal. Mantas, Molas, Dolphins, Whale Sharks and all the Finding Nemo’s characters are waiting here to take a selfie with you. Nusa Penida’s diving in all it’s ways is world class. You can either explore the oceans snorkeling;
-How can i explore it?
Well, there's several options:

💎 Snorkeling Safari Tour 🐠💦

Snorkeling is one of them.
This wont demand any special preparation, just rent a boat, mask, snorkel, a set of fins and find somebody to take you to the right spots.
You will have a great view of the underwater life from the surface.

💎 Dive Trip 🐬💦

Scuba Diving is another option.
If you are a diver you will be amused here. If you are not, start diving here. It can be your first experience diving was here. As well as diving itself, instructors here are also word class.
The feeling of just floating over the reef is quite unbeatable.
You’ll have a closer look to the reef, plus the feeling of sharing the same environment with the fishies.
It will be some of the most incredible sightseeing scuba diving here.

💎 FreeDiving 🐋💦

Freediving it’s the last but not least!
The myth stands that this way of diving is extreme and should only be practiced by heavily trained people.
And that's right if you plan to go 100 meters deep but doing it for recreational purposes is perfectly doable for everybody.
Trust me, you will love it. You don't need to be carrying any complicated gear, and you'll feel in perfect concordance with the underwater environment.
Have you ever heard about the “oceanic feeling”?
Well, you can experience it while freediving.
You will become one with the ocean!

💎 Spearfishing 🐋💦

If you want to spice up your freediving, trying Spearfishing is a must.
Not only is it one of the most antique fishing techniques but it's the most sustainable.
There's no by-catch, and you only shoot what you should (if you are lucky). The best challenge for an adventurous person!

All of them will give you memories for life, just pick the one for you. Or try them all!

💎 Jet Ski 💦

Go for a ride on a Jet Ski
If you followed all these tips you must be having an amazing experience but there's one thing left.
The icing of the cake.
Cruise on a jet ski the surroundings of this amazing island. It’ll give you a different and more impressive point of view.
So classy!